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Customer-centric since 2006, we lead in lubricants, approved by TUBITAK for top-tier lab.

“Customer-centric, leading in mineral oil, TUBITAK-backed lab.”

Our company, which has adopted the vision of providing customer satisfaction with its product and service quality and being among the leading companies in the mineral oil sector, started its sectoral activities in 2006. We continue our activities in order to be an institution that offers solutions to the needs of all users with our wide product range, maximizes quality and accessibility, and provides added value to the country’s economy.

We receive support from TUBITAK to make our laboratory the best laboratory in Turkey in terms of equipment it has and to bring it up to European Standards.

We continue to pursue our vision by leading the developments in our sector.


Brake Oils​


Brake Oils​


Frequently Asked Question.

Let’s dive into some of the most frequently asked

What is the Role of Engine Oil?

Engine oil adheres to the entire moving part of the engine and forms a thin film, reducing friction and wear, which means more power is transferred to the wheels, allowing for easy movement. Thanks to the detergents it contains, engine oil helps to clean the engine, protects it against rust, and also helps to reduce some of the extreme heat around the cylinders to the crankcase.

Why is the choice of engine oil so important?

Engine oil is like blood circulating in your veins for your car's engine. Therefore, choosing the wrong engine oil may cause some undesirable problems such as wear, corrosion and deposit formation. You will be able to prevent such problems that may occur in your engine by choosing the appropriate engine oil for your vehicle.